Envision Your Body as a Garden


Synchronizing with Seasons

Jeanne Tennis is a plant-based cooking consultant, kitchen alchemist, five season vegan chef and health coach, a certified macrobiotic health coach, a certified herbalist and an organic gardener specializing in assisting her clients as they transition deeper into a whole foods plant-based diet no matter where they currently stand in terms of daily dietary habits and practices.  

She holds a deep belief in the benefits of nourishing our bodies in accordance with the five transitional season cycle using organic, nourishing foods, herbs and wild edibles.  

Aligning our cooking methods and consumption with the five seasons synchronizes our bodies with nature's cycles and the five elements and energies (Spring/Upward/Wood, Summer/Active/Fire, Late-Summer/Downward/Earth, Autumn/Gathering/Metal, Winter/Floating/Water.)

Sharing her life-long love of food and cooking by preparing, cooking and serving healing meals, teas and tonics with loving kindness is Jeanne's passion.  

As the owner of The Key to Balance, LLC, Jeanne offers plant-based cooking consultations, public and private classes, five season, vegan personal chef services, seasonal health coaching services, macrobiotic health coaching, home herbal pantry recommendations and customized “Jump Start” Kitchen Packages.

All of her offerings are customized to her client's needs.


Jeanne's unique background and empathetic approach bring depth to her customized offerings. 

Her four years living in Japan and travels through China, Hong Kong and Ireland have instilled in her a love for regional comfort foods, sea vegetables, miso soups, teas and other healing foods.

Completion of a Chopra Center’s Perfect Health Ayurvedic LifeStyle Program inspires her to include all six tastes in her seasonal dishes.   

The Key to Balance LLC is a judgment-free forum offering services, consultations and classes to all including those new to a plant-based diet, meat-eaters, current vegans, pre-vegans and even those on the “candy bar a day” diet plan! 

Small changes yield BIG results. Her own healing journey deepens her compassion toward those attempting to break old habits, establish healthier patterns and explore the world of medicinal foods and herbs.   

Plant-Based World Vision


Grains, land vegetables, seeds, fruits, legumes, nuts and sea vegetables meet all of our dietary needs while nourishing our own Life Force, raising our vibration and connecting our bodies with nature and it's cycles. 

Start raising your vibration today! 

I envision an end to factory farming in my lifetime as the atrocities of the suffering that farmed animals experience continues to become more exposed and the benefits, and ease, of following a plant based lifestyle become more mainstream. 

We thrive as humans by ingesting LIFE (not dead sentient beings who have suffered during their short lives living in horrific conditions at our expense..) 

I urge you to educate yourself if you continue to consume meat, eggs and poultry.  When was the last time you visited a farm, entered a barn or viewed the assembly line at a slaughter house. Do you actually understand what you are consuming and the cost and effort that went into bringing it to your table?  Know where your food comes from. Open your eyes and understand exactly what you are consuming.  Educate yourself. Your health, your family's health and the planet's health depend on it.

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Holy Basil


Lovingly referred to as the “Divine Mother,” the “Mother Medicine of Nature,” “The Incomparable One” and India’s “Queen of Herbs,” Holy Basil is cherished as a longevity elixir capable of promoting well-being. It has been used for thousands of years in India for its ability to promote a balanced state of health and mind. Believed to be helpful for meditation preparation it is widely used by holy men to this day as an herb for clarity. Holy Basil is an adaptogen and prized for its ability to balance the body holistically.  An “adaptogen” is defined as a natural substance which assists your body in adapting to numerous forms of stress while promoting physical and mental balance. Tulsi’s nutritional content is rich in anti-oxidants and includes vitamins A and C, calcium, zinc, iron and chlorophyll.  Holy Basil is an herb in the mint family and contains numerous phytochemicals, nutrients, essential oils and flavonoids working together as a powerful plant medicine. It is believed to enhance our metabolism, improve digestion, improve stamina, strength and cardiovascular health, improve memory, reduce insomnia, ease joint pain by acting as an anti-inflammatory, improve mood, reduce anxiety, reduce blood sugar and help prevent symptoms of diabetes, reduce the growth of cancer cells, speed wound healing, protect against toxicity including radiation, protect the liver, kidneys and our dental health and lower the impact of environmental stress levels all while supporting our immune system!




 Enso is Japanese for circle and is a concept and symbol widely associated with Zen Buddhism. Brushed with a single, fluid stroke, the circle may be left open or closed. 

The closed Enso represents the totality of our experiences, infinity and our limitless power.   

The open circle represents the beauty of imperfection, movement and development.

Enso represents the circle of life, our connectedness with all existence, strength, elegance and enlightenment. 

A circle with no beginning or end, it represents vast universal space lacking nothing and without excess. 

The Enso symbolizes the beginning and end of all things and our spirit in a perfect meditative state free of thought.  

The Key to Balance


The Key to Balance LLC provides the opportunity for sharing my passions, experiences and gifts with others while promoting a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle.  

Ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning a reason for being and a reason for enjoying life is the process of blossoming into self-realization and is a concept which I hold dear to my heart as I journey along through life.

The "keys to balance" include remaining in touch with your higher self and your connection to The Universe, showering yourself, others and all sentient beings with loving kindness and making choices that harm no one while nourishing your mind, spirit and body by aligning your actions with nature's cycles. Namaste