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  • Plant-Based Cooking Consultant
  • Personal and Public Cooking Sessions
  • Five Season, Plant-Based Transitional Health Coaching
  • Macrobiotic Health Coaching
  • Individual, Couple and Family Consultations
  • Personal Chef Services - plant-based, healthy and delicious!
  • "Jump Start" Kitchen Packages including  "Mini Leap" and "Macro Leap" Packages personalized to your life and customized as you choose. Speak with Jeanne about all of her "a la carte" offerings and services. such as, Kitchen Success Clean up/Set Up, Ins & Outs of Shopping at your area stores, CSAs and food cooperatives, Seasonal, Whole Food, Plant-Based Menus, Short-term Personal Chef Services and more! 
  • Herbal Home Pantry Recommendations
  • Herbal Tea Blending
  • Classes, Workshops, Presentations, Cooking Instruction available in your home, club, church, organization or school setting - Each customized to your needs and audience


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  • Read my article in Natural Awakenings this month. Their November 2017 Greater Hartford County Edition can be found in select area stores and online at 
  • Sign up for my Winter class offering as scheduled by the Farmington Adult Continuing Education Program. 
  • Stop by the Bridge Healing Arts Center for their Holiday Open House on Sunday, December 17th
  • Support compassionate companies and vendors and finish your holiday shopping at this year's Compassionfest Holiday Bazaar in Hamden, CT on December 8, 9 and 10, 2017. This December's zine features another Key to Balance Korner article and recipe! Full details and information inlcuding hours and location can be found at 
  • "Holiday Treats that won't Bust Your Budget or Your Waistline" Classes are being offered on 12/9/17 and 12/11/17 at Hartford HealthCare's Bone & Joint Institute.   
  • Stay-tuned for more exciting offerings in 2018!
  • Make yourself one of the dishes in my Recipes section. Enjoy in good health!


  • Macrobiotic Health Coach Intensive Program - MacroVegan, Galway, Ireland 
  • Herbal Intensive Apprenticeship - Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mountain Herbal Center and The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition, West Granby, CT
  • Sustainable Health and Nutrition Program - The Institute for Sustainable Nutrition, West Granby, CT
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate - T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, eCornell
  • Macrobiotic Leadership I - Kushi Institute, Beckett, MA
  • Way to Health - Kushi Institute, Becket, MA
  • Chopra Center Perfect Health Ayurvedic Life Style Program - Enlightened Way Wellness Center, Tariffville, CT
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology - University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT
  • Certified ServSafe Food Protection Manager 
  • Member of the Northeast Herbal Association, Herbalists without Borders, United Plant Savers, Connecticut Herb Association and The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

November is World Vegan Month

Resource List

This is only a very small listing (in no particular order) of some of my favorite and recommended resources that are available to all of us.  

Most of these sites offer free recipes, resources, tips, events and support.

The internet and your local library can help you find more including books, cookbooks and recipes that will help you make the transition to a compassionate, vibrant and plant-based lifestyle easily.

There are support groups, clubs and recreational opportunities throughout CT and the world for you to explore! 

Enjoy the journey! Be the Change! ("Adopt" a turkey this year for Thanksgiving instead of eating one!) (Vegetarian Resource Group)  

www.edenfoods (Stop Animal Exploitation Now) (Beagle Freedom Project) (Maine Coast Sea Vegetables)  (CT Farmer’s Markets)  


What is Balanced Health?

Balanced health is achieved when there is a harmonious equilibrium within our body's systems: 

Endocrine, Circulatory, Respiratory, Immune, Digestive, Urinary, Lymphatic, Nervous, Muscular, Reproductive, Skeletal, Integumentary.

Imbalance within our body systems occurs when our own Yin and Yang qualities are no longer in equilibrium.

Imbalance in our bodies presents as lethargy, inflammation, discharge, depression, aches and pains, illness and disease.

Radiant health can be enjoyed when vibrant, nourishing foods are consumed AND digested properly in order to reach all of your body's systems on a cellular level.


"Macro" is defined as large and "biotic" as pertaining to life.

Macrobiotics = Large Life; Great Life; Grand Life

Macrobiotic diet and philosophy have been practiced, promoted, embraced and debated for centuries.  Widely practiced today in European and Eastern cultures, it, unfortunately, still remains a misunderstood approach in many parts of the United States. 

Rigid "rules" promoting proprietary teachings have lead to confusion, misunderstanding, narrow recommendations and unhealthy practices. 

My teachings highlight the history, core beliefs and principles while promoting the universal health benefits and encouraging intuitive adaptation.  

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang and the Five Transformations serve as the guiding principles in my menu planning, recipe recommendations and preferred cooking methods each season.  By acknowledging and working with nature's cycles, we can achieve optimal health.    Focusing on a whole foods, plant-based, seasonal menu while making any necessary adjustments for specific individual health concerns yields astonishing results.

Action Plans

It is my goal to empower you in your own kitchen.  Learn to cook and prepare meals while making seasonal adjustments and following your own intuition.  Fueling your body with vibrant, nutrient dense foods will assist you in maintaining, or returning, your body to a harmonious state of balanced health!

Small changes yield big results.