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The Key to Balance LLC is committed to empowering others to transform their health through education, consultation, support and networking while promoting the physical, emotional and environmental benefits of following a seasonal, whole food plant-based diet.


Jeanne Tennis is a plant-based cooking consultant and five season, vegan personal chef.

Certified in sustainable and plant-based nutrition, macrobiotics, organic gardening and herbalism, Jeanne is a bold advocate with a fierce desire to help others.  She strongly believes in the healing power of food, herbs and wild edibles having seen remarkable results both personally and in others.  

Jeanne provides her clients with the most up-to-date recommendations for following a whole foods plant-based diet while interlacing ancient herbal, Ayurveda and macrobiotic wisdom and traditions.  

Her clients are empowered to intuitively transform their own health beginning in their kitchens.  

Jeanne's customized recommendations compliment her client's preferences and any MD or nutritional guidelines they may be following. 

Clients benefit from personalized, confidential attention in an atmosphere of loving kindness with continued support and encouragement. 

"Authentic self-care begins in the kitchen."

The Benefits of Plant-Centered Whole Food Meals

It's All the Rage

Numerous studies show that adding more vegetables, herbs and spices into our diets and avoiding processed foods can reduce our risks for heart disease, cancers and a host of other chronic illnesses. "Plant-based Diets" are everywhere. Consult with your healthcare professionals, doctors and dieticians to find the one that is right for you and your family members. There is a lot of information out there; however, you want to make smart choices based on your current medical condition, your medication regime, your constitution, your activity level and your personal goals.

Lowers all those areas you don't want "high"!

Plant-based diets have been shown to lower blood sugar and ward off diabetes, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for heart disease and stoke, reduce excess weight, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk for certain cancers due to the anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and increased fiber content, reduce the risk for cataracts and macular degeneration due to the Vitamin A-rich foods and even lower your grocery bill.

Smile! You're vibrating higher!

Studies are showing that plant-based diets are not only improving people's physical health and reducing weight in those who are obese, they are also boosting emotional states, creating a sense of well-being and reducing episodes of depression. 

Shopping made Easy

Enjoy your garden's bounty if you planted one and/or support your local farmers.

In the grocery stores, focus on the Produce Department and avoid the middle aisles and those tempting end cap displays, except when purchasing whole grains, such as, quinoa, rice, barley, amaranth, oat groats, buckwheat and beans, nuts, seeds and canned or jarred tomatoes, pumpkin, salsa, olives, etc.

Explore making bulk purchases of your family's favorite foods when they are on sale.

It's an Investment in Yourself!

Plant-based, whole food diets are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Antioxidants protect against damage at a cellular level where cancers and degenerative diseases begin. 

Phytochemicals in the foods work alongside the antioxidants, boost protective enzymes and help your body remain healthy.

What we eat really does matter.

Choose organic, non-GMO products whenever possible.

It's a Win Win Win

By following a whole food, plant-based diet rich in herbs and spices and avoiding processed foods, sugar, simple carbohydrates, animal foods and eating as seasonally and locally as possible, you can enjoy tremendous health benefits, reduce your carbon footprint and put an end to the needless suffering, and killing, of animals who live short, cruel lives when raised in animal agricultural settings. 

A "WIN" for you!

A "WIN" for the animals!

A "WIN" for Plant Earth!

Focus on Autumn

Harvesting & Preserving

As the Late Summer season recedes, the weather begins to cool and we to turn our focus inward, releasing unwanted energy and emotions and harvesting and preserving seasonal foods in preparation for the winter months.

Late Summer and Autumn are viewed as the busiest of seasons for these reasons.

Fruit trees, berry patches and summer garden beds are picked, preserved and converted to food stores via cooking, baking, canning, freezing and cold-storing.

Medicinal and culinary herbs are harvested, used while fresh, dried and preserved in tincture, oil and salve forms.

Metal Element

Autumn is known 

as the Metal, or Air,  Element.   

›Our Lungs and Large Intestine are the meridian organ systems associated with the Metal Element. 

This includes our skin, nose, sinuses and colon.


The leaves and sap of trees dry up as the contraction of the Metal and yang energy intensifies and our skin, lungs and large intestines are subjected to the same energies.

It is the time of year of self-reflection, releasing and letting go…..

Balance & Imbalance

Our bodies continually work to release toxins through our large intestines, skin and respiratory tracts and Autumn is the time of year when imbalances may present themselves and/or symptoms may worsen if these organs are not healthy.

›When these organs are balanced, we experience a smooth transition of releasing and letting go in preparation for winter.

›If our organs are imbalanced and we are in a compromised immune state, we are susceptible to illness and suffer from symptoms of unproductive discharge and emotional grief.

›Many people suffer from asthma, coughs, colds, sinus infections, skin eruptions, depression, gas and constipation 

at this time of year.



  Autumn should be a beautiful reflective period of time to savor all that is good in our lives while setting the stage for a healthy transition into Winter. 

If we are in a state of imbalance during Autumn, we may suffer from episodes of crying, sadness, confusion, defensiveness, grief, self-abuse and stubbornness.

›Culturally, many of us have been raised to believe that “sadness” at this time of year is due to the fact that summer has ended and when we have a runny nose or lung or sinus infection, we have “caught a cold” from the cool damp Autumn air when, in fact, our bodies are reacting to a state of imbalance.

As in past seasons, I recommend establishing, and continuing, a daily meditation practice. Literally just focusing on your breath when inhaling and exhaling can help you relax and center yourself. Ideally, find a quiet spot outdoors to meditate for a few minutes each day where you can sit on the bare ground and absorb the earth's energy.


Our lungs are said to govern Qi/Chi (our Life Force) in our body. Our vital energy is tied to our breath, the release of this breath and the health of our lungs.

›We can physically support our lungs by taking in slow, deep breaths of clean air, singing, by engaging in movement/exercise, such as, yoga, walking, dancing and swimming and eating foods that nourish them.

›“White foods” are believed to nourish our lungs. Foods such as onions, garlic, radishes, turnip, white peppercorns, white mushrooms, oats, millet, rice, seeds, tofu, beans and grains.

›As with any season, consuming fresh organic vegetables is always beneficial.

›The Metal Element is associated with Smell, Air and the Pungent, Bitter and Astringent Tastes.

›By including foods with these tastes, we nourish ourselves in accordance with this season and benefit from their affect on our bodies and mind.

Seasonal Tips for Autumn

  Avoid dairy foods, processed foods, refined sugar and excessively oily/greasy foods as they will weaken all organs in the body and decrease your immunity.

›Don’t drink large amounts of beverages during your meals. Drink a glass of water or cup of tea prior to your meal and sip beverages throughout the day. Doing so will enable your body to digest each meal and absorb the needed nutrients in a more efficient manner. 

›Be certain to drink an adequate amount of water and healthy beverages each day in between meals to assist in toxin removal and to ensure hydration.

›If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit. 

›Maintaining an ideal weight will assist in avoiding strain to your lungs and body in general.

›Some people benefit from eating five smaller meals instead of three larger meals, to prevent overeating at one sitting and to avoid pressure on the diaphragm.

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