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February is Heart Heatlh Month

Plant Powered

Numerous studies show that getting more vegetables into our diets can reduce our risks for heart disease, cancers and a host of other chronic illnesses. Everyone knows how to make a boring salad. Brighten your bowl using vegetable and cookie cutters to make fun shapes and add contrast, include pumpkin seeds or walnuts and lots of colorful vegetables. Eat the rainbow!

Be Creative in the Kitchen

It takes very little effort to make your meals appealing. Digestion begins with your eyes and nose. Play with your food and make your beloved a heart-shaped avocado toast this month. Or surprise the kids with carrot flowers and tofu hearts in a bowl of soup.

Think Outside the Box

A Breakfast Sandwich made with seasoned tofu offers a low-fat, high protein, nutrient-dense meal. Load it up with arugula, a slice of vegan cheese and some avocado and tomato slices for a satisfying plant-based dish.

Blue & Black Foods

Winter is the Water Element and our kidneys, bladder and bones are in focus. Nourish yourself with a simmered bowl of wild blueberries. Available in your grocery freezer, wild blueberries are powerful, delicious and healing. Simmer on a low heat, add a splash of lemon juice and enjoy! It's like pie without the fat and extra calories.

Treat Yourself! Your Deserve it!

Decadent desserts are easy when using plant-based ingredients. Prepare this delicious pudding parfait for yourself and your loved ones this month. See Recipe section.

Love is in the Air

Vibrate higher by fueling your body with heart-healthy foods all year long. Arugula, just one of the many beneficial leafy greens available to us, is peppery-tasting and delicious. Enjoy it fresh in salads and as a garnish with "umph" for all of it's vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, carotenoids and phytochemicals.

The Key to Balance, LLC


The Key to Balance, LLC is committed to empowering others to transform their health through education, consultation, support and networking while promoting the physical, emotional and environmental benefits of following a seasonal, whole food plant-based diet.


Jeanne Tennis is a five season vegan chef, certified macrobiotic health coach, plant-based cooking consultant, certified herbalist, organic gardener and a bold advocate with a fierce desire to help others.  She strongly believes in the healing power of food, herbs and wild edibles having seen remarkable results both personally and in others.  

Jeanne provides her clients with the most up-to-date recommendations for following a whole foods plant-based diet while interlacing ancient herbal, Ayurvedic and macrobiotic wisdom and traditions.  

Her clients are empowered to transform their own health beginning in their kitchens.  

Jeanne's customized recommendations compliment her client's preferences and any MD or nutritional guidelines they may be following. 

Clients benefit from personalized, confidential attention in an atmosphere of loving kindness with continued support and encouragement. 


Welcome Winter

Celebrate the season!  Winter is a time of waiting, resting and planting our seeds for spring. It is a time for quiet contemplation, rest and restoring. At the same time it is essential to get outside each day, soak in a bit of sun, breath in the cold, crisp  air and enjoy a walk, build a snowman, ski, sled or snowshoe.

Water Element

Winter is known as the Water Element. Our kidneys, bladder and bones are in focus and are nourished by foods, such as, sea vegetables, beans and grains which are high in calcium and contain beneficial nutrients.

Blue & Black Highlight

Blue and Black are the colors associated with the Winter Season and Water Element. Black beans, berries, black cherry juice, figs, raisins, plums, purple barley, black rice, blue corn, purple potatoes and sea vegetables all take center stage this time of year.


Winter is associated with the sound of "groaning" and the emotion of "fear." As water's movement is inward and downward, our emotions may be deep and sinking. Reach out to others, stay connected, nurture yourself and seek counseling as needed.


"Authentic self-care begins in the kitchen."      As I promote throughout the year, nourish yourself and treat your body to the best foods possible. During this season we enjoy longer cooking styles, soups, stews and baked casseroles incorporating the blue and black foods noted above.

Planting Seeds

While waiting for spring, this is the time of year to literally plant our own seeds for success. By nourishing our bodies with quality plant-based whole foods and adopting healthy daily living practices, we set the stage for stellar health for the upcoming year.

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